Postcards from Sicily: Piazza Armerina market stalls

Piazza Armerina market stall


Piazza Armerina in the province of Enna deep in the bellybutton of Sicily is still filled with traditions which are slowly disappearing in other parts of Sicily.

Visiting the agricultural markets (or fairs) used to give you the opportunity to see animals and products from all around the islands, however this market no longer happens, banned as of two thousand and seven after many generations, due to strict new health and animal handling regulations.

I will never forget coming across these curious little wooden boxes and weaved baskets. Can you guess what they are used for?

See comments section for an answer which will surprise and perhaps shock you too.



12 thoughts on “Postcards from Sicily: Piazza Armerina market stalls

    1. Nope, I thought the same but actually it’s quite surprising. Let me read some more guesses and when I get to the last one I’ll reveal the answer. Damn should have ran a give away/comp with this …

  1. Well, I can only guess. You must let us know. Cheese? Chestnuts? Fish? Tiny birds such as quail for eating? I know my Grandmother used to ride her donkey to market near Polermo to buy fresh eel. I was never told about the basket or small boxes (cages?).

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