Postcards from Sicily: Fiera Piazza Armerina

Piazza Armerina markets

I have a soft spot for Sicilian open air markets, you never know what you will find.

Every town has a market day where traveling salesmen set up their stalls to sell everything from household goods, groceries, fruit and vegetable, toys and clothes.

Here is a one Euro stand which has attracted some men into the world of shopping at Piazza Armerina near Enna as it was filled with manly things like tools and other assorted hardware, usually it is the women rummaging for the bargains.

You have got to love the bare-chested gold necklace wearing store owner, so kitsch.



10 thoughts on “Postcards from Sicily: Fiera Piazza Armerina

  1. … and he even has the matching velcro chest. Wowsers. He should attract macho men wielding spanners and beer guts from miles around. I’ve spotted the “odd one out” on his stand – a broom head! What do I win? 😀

    1. There was a lot of stuff to sort through. I like how it was a stall dominated by men, usually women are shifting through the bargain bins at markets!

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