Sicilian rooftops

Sicilian Rooftops


When you visit Italy and you settle into your accommodation whether it be a five-star hotel or small bed and breakfast I suggest the first thing you do is open your windows or go high up on to a terrace and discover the rooftops around you.

There is something magical about the irregular shape of Italian towns which give them an amazing texture even if it is only a mixture of roof tiles and antennas or a far off view of a castle or Duomo.

Even the tangled mix of washing hanging out to dry and rusty balconies is a view you will only find here in Italy.

Noto, Syracuse


In Sicily the views are created by the colours of the stones, the mountains and the light of the particular season.


Small town Sicily and their rooftops


Even staying in a small insignificant town there will always be those mountains which play tricks on the perspective, layering the houses up and down the valleys.

Orologio Sinagra, Messina

If you look carefully you can always find a crumbling little clock tower which still chimes out the passing hours.



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    1. Excellent observation. Well the hole you see in newer building are simply air ducts/vents which are a requirement by law when you connect up to the gas supply in Italy. While in older buildings I think they were used as ventilation, but I’m not too sure, I’ll have to ask my hubby who is an architect for more technical information.

    1. Thanks, I keep trying to share the small things that people may be unaware of or don’t take the time to appreciate. Roof tops are soooo European and I love them.

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