Sicilian saying: persistence


Sicilian’s are seriously resilient people in a place of great historical poverty and complex modern problems of high unemployment and a neglected economy Sicilian’s seem to withstand an awful lot.

So it is only natural to see this kind of saying dedicated to the art of persistence in Sicilian dialect.

Once again a typical local view point is something that can be given to all of us. Is falling a failure, when we can pick ourselves up and keep on going?

It’s absolutely not a fail if you dust yourself off and keep moving. Actually it is our mistakes that give us the life lessons we need to improve and become better people.

So be sure to keep moving people, we need you persistency in the world.

Speaking of persistence, I’d like to let you know eventhough I haven’t been blogging regularly I am still working in the background.

I have tonnes of new content to share with you here and I am working on a new blog which will bring together my interest in Italy with my other creative writing.

I’m so excited to share everything in the new year.

Until everything is ready to share, I’d like to remind you that persistance is always the key in life.

Don’t lose momentum we all need to keep going.