Sicilian saying: arrogance


I love the image of an artichoke in this Sicilian saying, the idea that an artichoke is a proud or arrogant image is astounding.

So yes, obviously Sicilian’s must find the artichoke a little bit aristocratic, perhaps it’s thorny thistle nature makes it difficult to understand, it definatly isn’t to everyones taste.

Sicilian wild artichokes in particular are often quite deadly looking with sharp thorns being their most idenifying feature.

Most people in Sicily are very down to earth, they are people who have always been close to their proud peasant origins, they have no time for false airs or snobbery.

I for one agree with them, why waste your time creating barriers when you can create valuable connections to the people in your community?

We are all the same and all can give something to others.

So avoid the temptation to transform yourself into an artichoke, we don’t believe your act.

Just have a glass of wine and join in the conversation with the rest of us.