Sicilian saying: Nothing ventured

Taking a look at the world of Sicilian sayings I’m constantly being reminded of the Sicilian down to earth nature; they say it how it is without mincing words. I love their honesty.

Once again, I am reminded of my Nonni’s persistent words of advice in each of these Sicilian sayings posts.

My Sicilian grandparents were born the same year as the dearly departed Golden Girl that everyone loved so much, Betty White. Nonno, Nonna and Betty would have turned 100 years old this year.

To some extent, they all had the same wonderful attitude to life, and their lives were beautiful examples for all of us. One Hollywood legend and two ordinary people who survived so many things, whose epic migrant journey halfway around the world (from Italy to Australia) is worthy of Hollywood.

One thing is for sure, this generation lived through so much history, from world war II to many different decades of change and development. They were so fearless, determined and above all, knew how to appreciate the moment.

I still have my grandparent’s stories, laughter and voice ringing in my ears, many years after they have passed away.

I think this week’s detto Siciliano feels like it would come out of that whole older generation’s mouths.

If you don’t try anything, you won’t get anywhere. The purpose of life is to get out there and try different things, better yourself and always move forward.

Whoever does nothing will never make a mistake; you can’t learn from mistakes if you never make them.

It’s such a poignant piece of advice to push yourself out of your comfort zone. That place beyond where you are comfortable is where the unexpected lies, where you will find something new and fulfilling.

The English equivalent would be something like nothing ventured, nothing gained.

A lovely idea that the ancient Greek stoics tell us is that we never can or will achieve perfection. So we can put aside our egos because no one is perfect; we are all simply on a journey of self-exploration and discovery.

So let’s go and do something without the preoccupation of failing or trying to be perfect. Because ultimately, that is what life is about. Trying whatever comes out way, trying to use our talents, extending our limits and living a life full of experiences.