Sicilian Impressions: Naso

Naso, is one of those feisty Sicilian towns, perched high up on a seemingly precarious peak, it looks down the valley at Sinagra and hauntingly peers down at the cars driving down the mountains towards the coast.

Literally  Naso is ‘nose’ in Italian and it would be more aptly named ‘head,’ but it is surely looking down its proboscis out towards the Aeolian Islands and the surrounding towns.

incidentally Naso is also the birthplace of Lady Gaga’s Sicilian descendants with the surname Germanotta, the town invited her to visit but she has never accepted their invitation.

Naso, Messina


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  1. Completely off-topic: I liked Lady Ga Ga rather more before I saw her gig with Tony Bennet. Whether a Bennet fan or not, I found the staged intimacy of their duets quite repulsive. The man is 88 years old, or something! Am I being unduly prudish, do you think?

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