Sicilian Descent

Sicilian Descent is a travel memoir about how I moved to Sicily.

It is my own personal journey and diary about my experiences living on the island.

In a series of essays, sketches and poetic observations that document a gradual immersion into the lifestyle, history and culture of an ancient Mediterranean Island.

Life in Sicily is different to the rest of Italy, things are more intense and ancient.

La Sicilia is described by many as a fallen earthly paradise a place that enchants visitors with its special magic.

Despite the natural beauty of Sicily and the wonderfully well-preserved historical sites there is also some ugliness. Sicily shows how with great light also comes darkness.

This memoir is inspired by and dedicated to my maternal Sicilian grandparents who migrated to Perth, Western Australia in the 1950s and the visceral connection their granddaughter finds has with Sicily.

My book is a gift to the readers of Sicily Inside and Out who are always appreciating my journey and are in some way a part of it too.

I’m publishing excerpts from Sicilian Descent in the form of blog posts and will self publish the book sometime in 2022.

Watch this space to see when it will be available.

Sicilian Descent

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