Sicilian Impressions: Cannoli

Sicilian desserts are world famous but the most decadent has to be deep fried cannoli tubes which are filled with ricotta or fresh custard cream.

They are a special treat and are often given as gifts for Christmas and Easter.

The empty golden shells are tiny works of art ready to be filled with sweetness.

Sicilian Cannoli


14 thoughts on “Sicilian Impressions: Cannoli

  1. I live in tropical Queensland. A local couple have opened an Italian deli/café. Dee is from Sicily and she makes sinfully good cannoli. I have a love/hate relationship with Dee ….


      1. No, Dee is friendly and bubbly! We force ourselves to eat things like cannoli …

        Now, if I could just entice her to make fritelle, it would be perfect.


  2. I am a diabetic. when I was in Sicily the only dessert I had was a homemade cannoli. I passed on the tiramisu. It was worth every risk to my good health.


    1. Actually cannoli aren’t sweet at all, if you eat them with a little ricotta cream cheese without sugar they are still wonderful. But the same can’t be said for other Sicilian desserts which can induce diabetic coma 😉 I bet you are happy you risked your life for a taste 🙂


  3. My favourite Italian dolce, and grateful I can get pretty decent ricotta and pistachio ones from our local Italian shop. I remember the most delicious were from a pretty well known bakery in Erice, and I discovered little chocolate tipped ones from a bar in Positano. Yummy.


    1. Cannoli are so versatile, you can really personalise them according to your own personal taste. My mother had a fantastic recipe which used marsala instead of white wine in the tubes and she then filled them with ricotta, chocolate chips and dried fruits … so original!


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