Postcards from Sicily: maccheroni

Maccheroni Siciliani


Sicilian maccheroni, are the ultimate feast. Served with rich Bolognese sauces for every occasion from birthdays to Christmas to New Year.

Not for the faint hearted … your waistline will suffer for them but your taste buds will be in heaven.

Maccheroni season is just around the corner …


6 thoughts on “Postcards from Sicily: maccheroni

      1. Oh that’s interesting. Over this side of the island they only use maccheroni for the short, small little bent tubes. Which I am pretty sure is what they also used maccheroni for in Milan.
        I am always amazed at the amount of regional variations in both Italian food and Sicilian language usage.

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      2. Well the surprise is there are many variations from town to town too. I wonder is your little boy fluent in Palermitano? My boy is shy about speaking english and told me the other day that he wants to speak only italian … I nearly burst into tears. But I think it’s just he is embarrassed in front of his classmates/teachers and I imagine he is always being asked to speak english as people are curious about us.


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