Window shopping in Sicily

Italy is a place where fashion comes alive. Italians have a real flare for it whether it be elderly ladies dressed in colorful silk tops and high heels, or the latest shop window display from Dolce and Gabanna there is an astounding level of creative expression happening deep within the Italian psyche which is inspiring.

A favorite pass-time of mine whenever I find myself in a major city on my meridional home in southern Italy is to wonder around a particular fashion district and drool over the latest fashion or simply marvel at what there is to admire in the displays.


Tourist kitsch in Sicily
Tourist kitsch in Sicily

I don’t mind the frivolous tourist shops, I know it’s kitschy but there is still something mildly Sicilian about it and there is colour in it just the same.

Sicilian puppets always an evergreen!
Sicilian puppets always an evergreen!

Then comes my favorite Sicilian craft, which is the ceramics, I simply can’t get enough of the different styles and designs, my dream is to fill my house with ceramics!

My mania for ceramics placated in this store at Taormina
My mania for ceramics placated in this store at Taormina

The jewelry and silver work available all over Sicily leaves me speechless. I’m particularly in love with the characteristic use of red coral and lava stone in original designs. These two contrasting elements from the sea, to the earth are a perfect metaphor for the nature of this island. I’m still looking for the perfect piece to add to my collection to aptly depict my love of Sicilian jewelry.


Silver in Sicily


Coral in Sicily


Lava works in Sicily


Then there are those shop windows or shop fronts who leave you simply surprised and prick your curiosity. The timeless artisan traditions of Sicily are reflected in objects like elaborate hand made baptism gowns for babies or the hodgepodge of antique shops filled with new discoveries and treasures.


Baptism baby dress



Antiques at Taormina

I will never grow tired of window shopping in Sicily and Italy in general.


10 thoughts on “Window shopping in Sicily

    1. Yes, there are so many temptations it’s always hard to resist! I think of the budget was big enough I’d end up picking up enough ceramics to fill up many houses!

  1. I am in Oregon and have never been to Italy. I would like to visit for a month or two, but take Italian lessons (for complete beginners) while I am there. Is there some way to find a boarding school that will take adults? I have no idea where to begin checking. Got any advice?

    1. Well, the first time I came to Italy I studied Italian through the ‘Istituto Dante Alighieri’ which is like the top Italian language center around, it’s like the Goethe institute for German. The main office is in Milan but you can choose to study in Bologna, Florence, Pavia, Trento and Sanremo. Their web page is here:
      and you can usually find accommodation through the school once you enrol.
      I went to Florence and had a great time, loved all the art and picked up a great Florentine accent to boot!
      Good luck with it all, I’m sure you will love it!

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