Sicilian impressions: beauty in the details


Duomo Messina Madonna


Often beauty is in the fine detail.

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the immense works of art all over Italy, yet while trying to take in the whole you often miss the subtle aspects.

This detail above the main door at the Duomo of Messina is as magnificent as the entire church.

I’ll go as far as to say it is an apt summary of the elegant Norman lines and simple religiosity of this building.

Be sure to see what is directly before your eyes before trying to take in the infinite.


6 thoughts on “Sicilian impressions: beauty in the details

  1. Rochelle,

    We need more of the beautiful pictures you post. Thank you for sharing the wonderful images of your country-in-law.

    1. Yes, I seem to get more like/comments when I post my photo’s! Perhaps I’m in the wrong business, should take up photography rather than writing …

  2. Rochelle,

    Do not misunderstand me, your photo’s are wonderful, but they only compliment your focused written insights.

    1. No that’s fine, I think words and pictures compliment one another really well and I like to balance the two on my blog. I think I couldn’t dedicate myself solely to one as I love both mediums 🙂

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