Saint Leo’s Festival day at Sinagra

The statue of Saint Leo of Catania leaving the parish church at Sinagra for the patron saint day celebration.

Today Sinagra celebrates its Patron Saint Leone Bishop of Catania, born at Ravenna during medieval times. He was famous for his compassion and works of charity for the poor. But above all St Leo was a conqueror of false religions and idolatry.

In his sermon at Sinagra today, the Catholic Bishop of Patti Guglielmo Giombanco asked everyone to be like the Saint, to push away the material promises of this world and follow the path of humility, towards the light of God.

In an ancient celebration, St Leo’s statue was manoeuvred around the main church of St Michael the archangel and out into the streets of the small Nebrodi town.

A different perspective of the beloved statue of San Leone.

With more than a hint of paganism, the festival at Sinagra is symbolic of the official beginning of Spring, and the sunshine is always on cue. Every year the locals and the town put on their best face for their beloved Patron Saint.

A symbol of the local history and traditions St Leo is proudly paraded around the town of Sinagra.

Everything is done with such precision, love and respect. I had to share it with everyone.

Come to Sicily, see these ancient traditions and you will be moved.

So much history, you can see the footsteps before your face.

4 thoughts on “Saint Leo’s Festival day at Sinagra

  1. A very interesting post… even though it’s a a holy Christian event I noted the words “with more than a hint of paganism”… that’s bringing history together👍

  2. I love all the parades and festivals that Italy has. Interesting that one for spring would be so late in the spring season. I mean, it makes sense here in Sweden, but I thought spring would come a bit earlier in Sicily. 🙂

    1. Very true, this year Spring has been abandoning us here in Sicily. Usually we feel like it’s Summer by now, it’s been miserable actually 😉

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