Sicilian Impressions: Maschere

Carnival time in Italy is filled with endless fried desserts, parades, tricks and masquerade.

The masks can be beautiful like the ones at Venice’s world famous Carnevale or terribly ugly like these.

When you see one do not be afraid, they are harmless they only want to be offered a glass of wine or mime something funny or rude to make you laugh.

They don’t talk, they are only strange spritely manifestations of the Carnival spirit.

Maschere 1


8 thoughts on “Sicilian Impressions: Maschere

  1. Had the remarkable good fortune to have arrived in Venice at the beginning of Carnevale. A photographer’s delight! And then back to the Black Forest to celebrate their lenten festivals, complete with all forms of wooden masks and bonfires. Spectacular.

  2. We are currently in Italy and experienced our first children’s carnival yesterday, the little ones looked so cute all dressed up! Unfortunately we are heading home on Sunday when the adults will be adorning themselves.

    1. I think Carnevale is especially magical for children, yesterday my son dressed up at his school, it is adorable! Well you can save grown up Venice carnival for next time 🙂

    1. The ugly masks freak me out a bit, we had a few knock on our front door and come in for a drink, I wanted to call the cops but I was assured they were harmless … unlike mother in laws 😉

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