Sicilian Impressions: Castello Nelson

One of the most fascinating historical sites I have discovered in Sicily is the Castello di Maniace (also known as the Castello Nelson) outside the small agricultural town of Maniace in the extensive plain between Bronte and Randazzo a city literally at the feet of Mount Etna.

Castello Nelson, Maniace

Admiral Horatio Nelson was given the estate of nine million hectares together with the title of Duke of Bronte as a gift from the Bourbon King of the Two Sicilies after he helped the king to escape certain death during the revolution of Naples in 1796. Nelson himself never lived on the property but his descendants the Hood-Bridgeport’s took possession of the dukedom until the final heir sold it to the city of Bronte in 1981.

I have frustratingly passed beside the property on the way to Catania never having a moment to stop, but this place is calling out to me to visit, here near the ancient Simeto River which has been so loved by ancient poets.

Simeto river, Maniace


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    1. Wow, I’m impressed! That’s a clever way of filling in a gap in the market, no medieval castles so let’s make one. My five year old would love it. You would get all the knights and damsels without all the creepy stuff. Thanks for the link …

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