Sicilian Impressions: Wind turbines

Flamboyant Italian art critic, politician and intellectual Vittorio Sgarbi has criticized the use of wind turbines in some of the most picturesque mountains in southern Italy.

Sgarbi says they have ruined the natural beauty and wasted millions of Euro without producing much energy, going as far as to suggest links with organized crime.

I tend to agree with him, the Nebrodi regional park is flanked by endless turbines which are almost always dead still, they are terribly ugly and give me a menacing impression of a Jules Verne ‘War of the Worlds’ alien invasion scenario.

Nebrodi Turbines


6 thoughts on “Sicilian Impressions: Wind turbines

  1. I loathe the things…not only are they an aesthetic crime but I strongly suspect that they are only effective in passing money into the pockets of their promoters…lovely Lake Nicaragua and the Omotepe islands ruined by their presence..

  2. No matter how many propellers they stick on the top of that mountain they’ll never get it to take off. Some nameless being in the upper echelons of the food chain has erected a massive example of these abominations on the hilltop overlooking our town. Finding one every now and again is amusing, coming upon one around every corner like some grotesque parody of MacDonalds is beyond vexation.

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