The ‘hen’s night’ Italian style


I’ve always disliked the ardent silliness that goes on at pre-wedding ‘hens’ nights and bachelor parties. In Australia and the UK these night time facades in the past have resulted in cruel practical jokes and lewd conduct that is often regretted the morning after.

Thank goodness these types of parties have become a thing of the past. Over the past few years I’ve been to terribly fun and sophisticated dinner parties with cute themes and often hens and bachelors unite to celebrate together.

Now here in Italy there never used to be such celebrations but over the past few years it has become to celebrate the ‘addio a celibato/nubilato’ using the old model of ‘hens’ and ‘bachelors.’ So I’ve had to sit through dull dinners with happenings like the bride made to eat penis shaped food (pasta is quite popular), gifts of sex toys, dress ups, penis shaped cakes, strippers and truth or dare games. Yawn!

I somehow thought the Italian’s would take the concept and somehow make it their own instead of hashing out the same old cliche’.

After my most recent ‘hens’ night the future bride said it all on her FB updates over the night/next day saying: ‘I thought I had more serious friends/relatives … Those questions were so banal.’ Surely they could have come up with some thing more original. Thank goodness there was plenty of alcohol, a good DJ and Karaoke later on in the evening, at least the future bride had a good night, even if I found it all a little sad.

I’m sure my friend will make a radiant bride and hope to write about her with her permission after her wedding next week. Lucky the ‘hens’ party has nothing to do with the wedding!!