10 More Food Festivals in Sicily

Sicily has a wonderfully variegated cuisine; its plate is filled with influences from all around the Mediterranean, from the Middle East to North Africa, Greece and many more.

There is great pride in preparing local specialities and showing off the abundant talent of each chef.

Like in most of Italy, each region, even town from town, will have its local variety of wine, interpretation of pasta, bread, cheeses, salami, desserts and even biscuits.

Each place embraces its individuality and has proudly perfected its particular type of local cuisine to distinguish itself from other towns and, in turn, show the richness of agricultural fertility and skill in preparing century-old products.

One way to taste the best of each place is to hunt down a Sagra or food festival, where you can sample the best of local fare for only a handful of euros.

The Sagra event calendar in Sicily is never-ending throughout the year. It coincides with the seasonal calendar as Sicilians, like all other Italians, believe in eating what is strictly in season.

In the summer, expect to see a dedication to products like strawberries, melons, tomatoes and peaches. While the winter/fall, the Sagra gives you a taste of wine, salami, pork, mushrooms and fried specialities.

Most of the events are annually around the exact date and are proudly sponsored by locals to foster local tourism. The events are advertised locally, so the best way to learn about them is through the local press, by picking up flyers at your local cafe and looking at posters pasted up on the side of the road.

Here is my another list of food festivals you shouldn’t miss, filled with even more Sicilian ingredients and tastes to experience.

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