Exploring Taormina in five photos: Enjoying the view

The autostrada to Messina as seen from Taormina

As much as I love Taormina I never get the chance to experience it is as I wish. We are always in a rush visiting with guests, walking up and down the main streets and doing souvenir shopping as that’s what all tourists want to do.

If you have time you should be doing things like catching the train along the coast from Messina, (here in this photo we see the autostrada leading along the coast towards Messina) then take the cable car up from Mazzarò on the coast.
(Even if it is temporarily out of action thanks to a minor landslide caused by last weeks torrential rains, but it should be functioning again for next summer)

Then there are the towns of Giardini Naxos down below and Castelmola above Taormina to explore.

I’d stay in one of the many historical houses turned B&B, my favourite being Casa Cuseni the house inherited by Daphne Phelps in 1947, built by her Uncle the British painter Robert Kitson. The house and its famous artistic guests were the inspiration for Daphne’s book, A house in Sicily.

Please do wander around the side streets, get lost in the gardens, hidden art galleries. Stop to devour a sumptuous pizza, arancini rice balls or seafood meal from a secret little trattoria.

Defiantly watch a show at the Greek amphitheatre (there is everything from contemporary music to opera) and end your stay with a cocktail out on the balcony watching the sunset from an exclusive restaurant or club.


2 thoughts on “Exploring Taormina in five photos: Enjoying the view

  1. As usual, a loving and lovely view of my favourite Mediterranean island. And although we haven’t had much unbearable heat this year, I know what it’s like to have to troll around an island with visitors bent on buying up all the souvenirs. I too, live on an island – the Isle of Wight in S.E. England. My last lot just left last week having been here for Bestival, before that Pop Festival and Blues Festival. Still got a Jazz Fest to come!

    1. Thanks. Ah yes the joys of island living. It’s always great to enjoy the many events during the year but sometimes you feel like having the place to yourself 😉

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