Exploring Taormina in five photos: Bar Etna

Pasticceria Etna at Taormina

I always look out for locals in Taormina, whether they are the shop-keepers, delivery guys, chefs and waiters taking five minutes to smoke a cigarette and occasionally sitting down for a coffee.

My husband thinks I snapped two foreigners here at the suggestive Bar Etna, but they were speaking Italian and were distinctly un-rushed and comfortable with their surroundings.

At least they were Italian.

What do you think, did I get lucky or are these wealthy American’s, Germans or any other array of foreigners visiting …


8 thoughts on “Exploring Taormina in five photos: Bar Etna

    1. I think they were two stylish Italian ladies relaxing at a suggestive Taormina bar. My hubby says they were most probably Germans, but I certainly heard them speak Italian with a Sicilian accent, so I’m insisting 😉

    1. Yes, you could be right this time around I noticed many more Italian tourists around, a few big tour groups came through and then came the usual mix of English, German, American and French (yes there were a great mix on the days we were there).

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