Leading an authentic life in Sicily

Authenticity Quality of being genuine to

My friends and family think I am totally insane to be living my life in Italy, they are waiting for me to come to my senses and move back to Australia, like I’ve been playing around for the past decade of my life.

The truth is it’s been more than chasing a dream, I’m not bathing myself under ‘the Tuscan sun’ or running a bed and breakfast in Puglia.

Brolo c:da castello

I live in small town Sicily which at times is trying for my patience, challenging for my sense of space and privacy and above all it comes with an entire spectrum of misunderstandings and culture shock with whoever is around me. So why do I do it to myself?

Because Italy talks to me, it whispers sweet nothings into my ear, makes me laugh as loud as I ever have, it allows me the time to write, smell the pasta sauce on the stove and taste life.

Italy has infuriated me as much as it has made me fall evermore in love with it.

Moving to Italy has changed me, it has made me let go of many unimportant things, life here is more authentic, a simple less cluttered life which speaks to me louder and clearer than anything else.


8 thoughts on “Leading an authentic life in Sicily

  1. You and your blog are great. I’m full of admiration for you. What is life if it isn’t lived to the fullest experience like what you and some of us are doing. Don’t Listen to “sensible” people. believe in your own heart, your own dreams and you can never be wrong!!!

  2. I think I know what you mean. Italy calls to me sometimes, when I get tired of extremes or I feel the cold in my bones. And that enticing picture offers a home where I could certainly live, given the chance. Ah well, maybe one day!

    1. There are many enticing places in the world but Italy is certainly more visceral for me right now it must be all the family history I guess.

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