Postcards from Sicily: Icy blessing

From New Years to February my little part of Sicily has been blessed by snow.

For me it is a blessing as I am Australian who had never seen snow until I moved to Italy in 2002, for those used to icy Northern Hemisphere winters I’m sure it’s all like ‘get over it will you.’

But until the magic and novelty I will still be in awe of these pristine winter mornings when I have awoken to find the landscape transformed …

Icy winter landscape 2015

Icy winter landscape 2015

Icy winter landscape 2015

Icy winter landscape 2015


5 thoughts on “Postcards from Sicily: Icy blessing

  1. As I sit here sweating through another day in the Atherton Tablelands, your photos are such a pleasure to see! I hope you never lose the magic feelings this sort of day gives you.

    1. I hope the images cooled you down a little. I have been having the strange desire to visit the red hot center of Australia, I guess you are never really happy with what you have in front of you 😉 Thanks for your comment …

  2. I’m amazed! Apart from the top of old Mount Grumpy I never imagined any part of Sicily as snowbound. It looks as though you’ve had more than we have, thus far this Winter.

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