Sicilian Mercatini di Natale

I have always been a sucker for Italian open air markets, it is wonderfully civilized to go out once a week to buy your fresh fruit and vegetables, local produce and on special occasions like Christmas pick up cute little gifts, antiques and fashion.

Baby shoes at Sicilian markets

I am always on the look out for a special gift for my little boy, but I always end up buying him shoes, as Italian shoes are so stylish.

Shoes at Markets

Then I always see some beauties for me … those heels are deadly but they are really a work of art aren’t they?

Sicilian antique gramophone

I’m always surprised by what I find, this gramophone was impressive, I asked to photograph it but I should have asked how much he wanted for it.

Scarves textures

There is something chaotic and unexpected about markets, it’s not about rummaging through bargain basement bins, rather discovering different textures, sights and enjoying the sensual experience.

Scarf and jewelry at markets

It is part Moroccan bazaar and an extended expression of creativity and Italian style with many stores choosing to sell their latest creations at the markets

Italian fashion markets

Sicilian markets are a feast for the senses, frying panini bread rolls, barbecues, roasting chestnuts, kebabs, impressive spruiking, handmade fashion, things that have fallen off the back of a truck, scarves galore and literally hundreds of stalls to explore.

Candy at Christmas market

The Sicilian Mercatini di Natale are a cornucopia of colours, tastes and experiences. The island of the sun gives us wonderfully sunny days of shopping to enjoy it all.

Torrone at Christmas Markets

Hazelnut and almond sugar-coated slabs of Torrone are consumed at every festa during the year but, they taste better at Christmas.

Mercatini di Natale

The Christmas market above all reminds you Christmas is around the corner …


9 thoughts on “Sicilian Mercatini di Natale

      1. Love your photographs of the markets. May I ask what camera you use? It may be that you are just great at seeing the possibilities in every scene. Something I’m not good at. I hope I’m improving though. See my recent Sicilian piece on the Madonie National Park, some of the pix are good, some just scrape in there. Enjoy your Christmas. I think I’m just about ready and I’m spending it with my Italian relatives (Neapolitans) so it’s going to be an Italian Christmas for me, too.

      2. Thanks ever so much, I had so much fun taking them. My camera is a rather old Olympus Camedia C-770, which has always taken really sharp images. I’m hoping to shop around for a new camera next year, getting advice from my brother who is quite informative. I always try to find a small detail which appeals to me, a lot of the time it doesn’t work but when it works I’m really excited. Buone Feste and enjoy Napoli, it must be stunning this time of year!

      3. Excellent! You’re much better prepared than me – I’ve still got to get over half my presents but this week I’m on a mission! Buon Natale!

  1. I love your photos, and your local market looks better than ours!! Though this year we have a proper craft market, like the Germans have. Only locally hand made items are allowed, nothing manufactured is permitted. It’s a refreshing change from the usual imported Chinese stuff you see everywhere.

    1. Yes, you do have to sort through lots of Chinese crap but in amongst everything you can find some treasures. This week we have another Mercatino, like the one you mentioned too, it was great to see so many local products and crafts.

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