Five things never to do in August in Sicily


There are five things I would never do in August in Sicily!


1) Don’t get any heavy dental work done, as you will be suffering a toothache until your dentist gets back from his cruise on the islands.


2) If you are a woman don’t go into labor as you will be delivering your child on your own as your gynecologist will be at the beach.


3) Don’t get sick or hurt yourself seriously as you will be waiting in the Emergency room until September.


4) Don’t plan to holiday here as you are not going to have an authentic Italian experience as Italy is really at half speed.


5) Don’t work as the humidity and heat will make you light headed, you will be unable to concentrate and you might as well go to the beach with everyone else.


So I’m following my own advice and heading off for a couple weeks of vacation.




I’ll just pop this sign up and wish you’ll some great vacation time!

See you in a few weeks!


4 thoughts on “Five things never to do in August in Sicily

  1. My name is Daniela and I came across your blog by doing some initial googling on moving abroad. I wasn’t quite sure how to personally e-mail you but I am hoping you could offer me some insight. I am a 33 year old woman who lives and has lived in Chicago for my entire life. I, along with my three siblings are first generation Sicilian Americans. My parents migrated here almost or about 40 years ago. I grew up speaking Sicilian and learned to speak Italian from school and from my desire and initiation to stay with family every summer in Sicily from seventh grade on. I would save my little monies and go. Most often alone. I was so lucky to do this. It’s been almost eight years since I’ve been back. I’ve since tied myself down to a condo that I love and appreciate and have been working for a state university as a recruiter. I’ve been there for eight years and although it’s treated me well and I’ve learned so much, I have this burning desire for change. I’ve spent the past two years self reflecting, finding myself and continuing to learn and grow and be the best possible me. I’ve come to a point where I’m exploring my options. I can stay here or try and live somewhere else like Sicily.

    This exploration has led me to you and I would be so grateful if you could offer me any insight at all.

    Thank you


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