Postcards from Sicily: the spirit of things


Quattro fontane Messina


There are literally hundreds of water fountains all over Italy gushing with water, Baroque details and sculpture.

Often we are mesmerized by the immense works of art without seeing the cute little details.

This grumpy little water god got my attention when he blew in my ear as I walked by the old ‘Quattro Fontane’ near the center of Messina.

Unfortunately there is no more water as only half of the fountain survived the earthquake and tsunami of early last century.

The fountain’s ghost spoke to me and I thought I’d share it’s spirit.




4 thoughts on “Postcards from Sicily: the spirit of things

  1. Have you ever seen the fountain in Gangi? It is a life sized carved marble lion in a grotto. It does not have the gargoyle effect of this one but it does draw your attention.

    1. No, I hope to get to Gangi sometime soon, as it was nominated ‘il piu bello borgo d’italia’ this year. I’d love to see the fountain you mention it sounds magical. There is something about aged marble sculpture that adds character. It’s like Michelangelo’s idea that each sculpture is like liberating a spirit…

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