Five reasons not to book your holiday to Italy in August



Some friends have told me they are finally coming to Italy next year and I’m over the moon to get to see them! They are coming in August, a time of year I’d really encourage people to avoid. I don’t understand why travel agents encourage people to book holidays to Italy in August or why tourists insist in coming in that month!

Ok I get it’s the middle of the summer and you’re not going to be stuck inside fleeing the rain. But hey, Italy is here all year round and visiting at different times of the year will give you new perspectives on this beautiful multifaceted country.


So please don’t come here in August because:

1) It’s going to be bloody hot, humid and tiring.

Summer here isn’t pleasant, Italian’s hate air conditioning so you will be perspiring the whole time as it’s as humid as South America and for some reason or another the refrigeration isn’t as powerful as in other countries so it will even be difficult to get a cold drink. Most Italian’s in summer find a cool piece of beach to hide in and don’t come out until September.

2) Since all the Italian’s are at the beach

So you won’t be able to find a place to yourself, which means all the big cities will be packed with tourists, exorbitant prices and tourist traps. So be prepared to be overcharged and ripped off.

Traffic near Giardini

3) Italians go on holidays in August

That means you won’t find much authentic Italian life going on. The cities will be shadows of their usual selves.

4) It will to be uncomfortable to move around the country.

The autostrada will be jammed if you travel by bus/car, the trains will be like sardine cans without air to breathe and if you want to go to the islands the sun will roast your pasty colored buttocks on the waves back and forth to your destination. (Sorry, that was a bit of a pornographic image there!!)

Clear view of Etna in winter

5) And finally Italy has so much more to offer than the summer time!

The beaches are stunning and practically deserted in September. The weather is perfectly fine in October when everything is back to normal. You can always put on a jumper or visit a museum in November, the colours of Autumn/Fall are beautiful and your increased appetite will be satisfied by the rich winter foods. The traditions of Christmas in Italy are astounding. Imagine having museums and restaurants all to yourselves. How about a Venetian Carnival covered in sumptuous costumes and snow in February. Don’t be afraid of the cold, search out Italy at it’s best throughout the year!

As for my visiting friends, I’m happy to report their visit will run over to September. Phew!