Italian Song challenge Day 28: Noemi

Veronica Scopelliti, known by the stage name of Noemi, is a highly successful singer-songwriter and television personality.

After several years working in the music industry with only moderate success, she decided to participate in the 2009 edition of X Factor Italy.

Even though she did not win the competition, the program showed off her personality and voice, which proved to be even more popular than any of the other participants. After the season finished, she signed with Sony music.

Noemi has participated several times as a contestant in the Sanremo Festival, where her songs have always proven popular with the public and critics.

In 2012 she was chosen by Disney to write the soundtrack of the Italian version of the animated movie The Brave (Ribelle). She is a gifted pianist, guitarist and composer and has been writing songs since childhood.

Noemi has one of the most unique voices around. Her voice is a mixture of deep blues and Jazzy undertones, and her expressiveness is genuinely marvellous.

Her talents have made her widely popular with the Italian audience. And she has quickly established a vibrant solo career.

Noemi has already recorded six successful studio albums which have all been received well and tours regularly throughout Europe. She sings well in English which has seen her work a lot in the US and collaborates with many international artists including Ed Sheeren.

The 2012 song Sono solo parole (They are only words) is a beautifully poetic song about disillusionment with love and disappointments in life.

It is a beautiful hymn about finding strength in difficult times and is a showpiece for Noemi’s goosebump-inducing voice.

In this song her vocal tone is firm, at times husky and gravelly with a deep expressiveness, filled with emotion a perfect instrument to tell stories filled with strong emotions.

Images c/o Instagram