Italian Song challenge Day 29: Måneskin

Maneskin totally decimated the 2017 edition of the talent show X factor with their irreverent style. The energy of their stunningly original lead vocalist Damiano David, allowed them to finish in second place.

They mix together contemporary rock, with folk, shock rock and 1980’s disco. The unique groups sound, attitude and presentation, has made them immensely popular.

The band members first met as students at the same middle school in Rome. Their name was chosen when they had to register for Pulse, a local music competition. While brainstorming the bands bass player, Victoria De Angelis who is of Danish descent, threw out some Danish words and they agreed on Maneskin (moonshine).

Later they began to perform as buskers where they developed their strength as live performers and also their distinctly alternative ad-lib vibe. After a trip to Denmark, where they also played live shows, they decided to seriously pursue their music career.

After their success on X factor, they debuted their first single Chosen, sung in English and it shot up to second place in the Italian charts and went platinum. In 2018 they released their first Italian language single Moriro da re (I will die as king) which continued their commercial success.

Maneskin’s first album Il ballo della vita (the dance of life) was very successful. With their single Torno a casa (Come home) topping the charts for many weeks. To promote the album they also released a documentary film titled: This is Maneskin.

Their covers show off their ability to revive old material and totally turn it on its head, giving it a new sound. In fact, their own songs play on pushing boundaries, expectations and creativity. Their songs smoothly flow between English and Italian and focus on themes such as the nature of freedom, sexuality and challenging relationships.

Maneskine’s energy, crooning lead vocals, badass base, classic rock foundation and ability to create a new fresh sound with a playfulness which makes them one of the most intriguing new Italian bands.

Images c/o Instagram