Italian Song Challenge Day 27: Laura Pausini

Laura Pausini became famous after being discovered as a child while performing in a local piano bar.

Pausini’s incredibly powerful voice brought her television stardom, and her recording career has made her famous all around the world.

Pausini rose to fame in 1993 when she won the newcomers section of the 43rd Sanremo festival with her debut single La solitudine (The solitude), which became an Italian standard and an international hit.

Her self-titled debut album was released and later became an international success selling more than two million copies worldwide.

In 1994 Pausini released her first Spanish language album, and she became the first non-Spanish artist to sell more than one million copies in Spain.

Laura Pausini’s career up until now is filled with 14 hit albums, world tours, awards (including Grammys) and collaborations with artists of the likes of Luciano Pavarotti, Tiziano Ferro, Johnny Hallyday, Cesare Cremonini, Kylie Minogue and Andrea Bocelli.

Pausini is one of the undisputed queens of the Italian power ballad. The range and power of her voice is perfect for emotive, romantic and crescendoing songs which show off the quality of her magical voice very well. She is described as being a mezzo-soprano with a classical sound.

Pausini is mainly a melodic pop singer, but her style has evolved with influences from Latin, soul and rock music.

La Solitudine (the Solitude) is a prime example of her style, moving from a heartbroken beginning into a powerful booming resolution.

Italian’s love Pausini, she could literally sing a shopping list and people would still be in awe of her voice.

Images c/o Instagram