Italian Song Challenge Day 4: Levante

Claudia Lagona, better known as Levante, is an Italian singer-songwriter, writer and model.

She became famous in the 2010s after recording four albums with successful singles and collaborations with other Italian singers. She wrote and sung with the likes of Gianni Morandi, Irene Grande, Max Gazze, the Kolors, Tiziano Ferro and Carmen Consoli.

In 2017 Levante published her first novel Se non ti vedi non esisti, followed by Questa e’ l’ultima volta che ti dimentico in 2018.

This Sicilian gipsy songstress has a quirky alternative style. Her voice is a mixture of pop, folk and this song shows off her ability for wordplay, satire and generally irreverent nature.

She often explores the strained relationship she has had with men in the past. Turning heartbreak into strength while also pulling a middle finger at people who have hurt her in the past.

The title and the chorus of this song flip the idea of someone being a piece of her (a part of ‘me’) into literally becoming a piece of shit (me as in merda).

It’s hilarious, witty and extremely fun to listen to. The ultimate ‘fuck you break up song’.

Pezzo di me is actually a duet with Max Gazze with the two playing the different roles in a broken relationship in a quick-paced stage style dialogue.

Images c/o Instagram