Italian Song Challenge Day 3: Jovanotti

Italian singer-songwriter and rapper Jovanotti (real name Lorenzo Cherubini) has been a part of the Italian music scene since the late 1980s. His early music was a mixture of hip hop, rap and disco which was immensely popular.

After sixteen studio and remix albums, his style has evolved and embodies elements of funk, world and even classical music. Moving away from his essential lyrics, his form now often addresses philosophical, religious and political issues. Which is more typical of the Italian cantautore (singer-songwriter) tradition. He also knows how to write and perform wonderfully personal love songs like Per te, Libera and Ragazza Magica, dedicated to his partner and his daughter.

Jovanotti’s laid back poetic style is filled with beautiful images from a typical Italian seaside summer.

Estate or the summer is like a soft silk cape that you slide on every year bringing with it its own unique series of sensations and experiences. He uses the usual famous summer anthem, with a catchy riff to express his love for this season.

This literal ‘tormentone’ will get stuck in your head, almost like a little torture. Which is usual with the nature of a new summer fad or hit, that you literally hear everywhere you go.

L’estate addosso was very much the song of the summer of 2015 when it was released and is part of a long list of the usual summer hits.

Italian’s love, making up a soundtrack for their sacred summer vacations.

The song is also part of the soundtrack of a movie of the same title which explores the story of two young Italian’s road tripping through America one summer. The film explores the complicated love triangle created during the trip.

Images c/o Instagram