Italian Song Challenge Day 2: Gianni Morandi

Gianni Morandi is an Italian pop culture icon. He began his career as a clean-cut baby faced pop-rock artist in the ’60s and has never stopped performing or collaborating since.

Throughout his career, he has sold more than 50 million records. Italian’s love his energetic, down to earth personality and some of his songs are considered classics of the post-war Italian pop culture. In addition to his music, he has appeared in numerous films and played in several famous t.v roles.

Uno su mille c’e la fa (one in a thousand will make it) is typical of Morandi’s universally positive style. The song focuses on the nature of hard work, honesty and talent in the world of creativity.

Having enjoyed six decades of unmatched success, Gianni Morandi is among Italy’s most celebrated performers of all time. His clean-cut image and ability to evolve as an artist has literally made him timeless.

Morandi’s early career mimics the popular style of American rock ‘n’ roll artists like the Beatles, Elvis and Roy Orbison.

A classic example of this first period is his song: C’era un Ragazzo, come me (There was a boy, like me). The song is one of the most famous protest songs against the Vietnam War. Even though his style was very much influenced by American music, it has a definite Italian interpretation and flare.

Morandi has never lost popularity, winning the San Remo song contest several times. His ongoing collaborations with other singers ranging from classic ballad belting arena-filling artists like Claudio Baglione and Youtube sensation Rovazzi has assured his popularity over different generations.

Morandi’s ability to evolve with the times has helped him to create an evergreen quality to his music style.

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