Italian Song Challenge Day 1: Rino Gaetano

This song is literally a classic of Italian pop.

Whenever it is heard on the radio, it’s the kind of song that will result in an immediate singalong.

Everyone knows and loves this anthem to positivity and is beloved tune dedicated to the Italian nature of seeing the positive despite any setbacks in life.

People are capable of putting up with many difficulties, but in the end, the sky will always return to blue, even after the worst storm.

We even heard Il cielo é sempre piú on a popular online collaboration during the Covid 19 lockdown in Italy with many Italian singers lending their voices for a cover video.

Rino Gaetano (1950-1981) was an Italian son writer famous for his satire and political commentary. He was a multi-talented artist singing in his own band, writing his own songs, performing cabaret and acting.

Born in Calabria, he moved with his family to Rome at the age of ten where he spent the rest of his life. At school, he was encouraged to write poetry. He pursued songwriting, inspired by other Italian singers of the time like Fabrizio De Andre’, Adriano Celentano and international artists like Bob Dylan and the Beatles.

Gaetano distinguished himself from the other famous artists by highlighting the political and social issues of the day. He considered himself to be a writer, not a singer. His first album dealt with issues of isolation, marginalisation and exclusion, filled with intelligent and witty lyrics in his unique, passionate style.

Ma il Cielo e’ sempre piu’ blu (but the sky is always bluer) is one of his most commercially successful releases. The song shows off his soulful blues voice, and it became the anthem for a generation of non-conformist youth.

The song offers many images from everyday peoples lives in all of its cliché and contradictions, creating bittersweet images of the ironies of life.

Rino Gaetano’s career was cut short by a tragic car accident, killing him at the young age of 30.

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