Italian Song Challenge Day 5: Ligabue

Luciano Ligabue born in Emilia Romagna fell into the music business after trying various odd jobs until he formed an amateur band writing his own songs. After being in a couple of other groups, he was introduced to fellow singer-songwriter Pierangelo Bertoli, who included one of Ligabue’s songs in his new album.

After twenty albums, today Ligabue is the ultimate expression of modern Italian rock. His more popular songs are filled with gritty lyrics and a smooth, hard rock guitar sound.
Together with Vasco Rossi Ligabue is the quintessential sound of Italian rock music.

Ligabue’s witty, self-deprecating lyrics are enjoyable listening even though they are hard-hitting and satirical all with a kick-arse beat.

In il sale della terra Ligabue highlights the ironies of recent Italian scandals, paradoxes and ironies with honest and energetic lyrics.

Italy is a complicated place, where much good exists side by side with many dubious things. Ligabue highlights this part of Italy’s eclectic nature.

The Italian peninsula is a vibrant and at times, frustrating place to live and where literally anything is possible.

Images c/o Instagram