Poetry: Sicilian DNA



I live in Sicily because I fell in love with a Sicilian,

but in reality, the love affair existed long before …

I’ve been enamoured since birth, 

Italy is imprinted on my DNA,

my family and heritage has always been here

connected to this place of endless human history

my love of stories keeps me happily lost inside its tale

there is always a story, a connection, a heartbeat.


2 thoughts on “Poetry: Sicilian DNA

  1. The Cousin
    From the past where memories live
    Sometimes below where our mind sees
    There is a moment we do not expect
    That makes those memories fly free

    Across the oceans to an unknown life
    A forgotten land, a forgotten place
    With decades gone not a written word
    A voice arrives, another time another space

    Is it true, is it true we only hope
    This voice we hear, is it actually real
    Or is it an illusion only of what we want
    Not something we can touch and feel

    But the voice becomes a photo
    And the photo becomes a man
    With emotions, thoughts and visions
    of memories from a forgotten land

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    1. What a lovely poem! Yes, the love of your origins and the strange memory which comes from your own DNA is such a fascinating inspiration for poetry and literature in general. Thanks so much for sharing!


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