Postcards from Sicily: Fiat 500


Mini Fiat 500


The Fiat 500 is an enigmatic symbol of Italy. I’ve lost track of the amount of people who say this is their dream car.

I am constantly coming across these cute Italian creations, which are easy to park in cramped car parks all over Italy.

The cinquecento is featured on endless tourist souvenirs from tea towels, t shirts, beach towels and miniature models.

Here is particular open topped model which I  saw at an antique fair at Noto, Syracuse.

Small but packed with character.




2 thoughts on “Postcards from Sicily: Fiat 500

  1. We have a baby blue Fiat 500 in Australia and we love it. The new ones are much bigger than the old ones, but still very cute. In Italy we drive a Toyota Corolla.

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