Teaching my son English

Since being back in Sicily my main concern amongst many others is making sure my two and a half year old son keeps speaking English.

I’ve read several books about raising bi-lingual children, something which is easily achieved with a little bit of dedication. At this stage of development my son will pick up language relatively easily.

With Italian I’m not particularly concerned as he hears it every day, on tv and his Father, Uncles, Aunts and Cousins speak to him everyday.

My concern is with English as I’m his only source – that’s it I’m the only one around him that speaks English and that’s worrying.

I speak only english to him, have loads of DVD’s, books and audio books in English but I want another physical source for him to speak and use English with other than yours truly. Ideally I’d like a bi-lingual kindergarden or play group. Now where in the hell do I find this in small town Sicily? There are few private English language schools in nearby Capo d’Orlando but I haven’t any idea if they have something for toddlers.

I’m relieved to have Skype so he can see and talk to his Australian relatives.

At times like this I become painfully aware of how monolingual Italy can be.

Small town Sicily isn’t like the major cities with flourishing expat and English speaking communities.

It’s a challenge.