Italian fringe benefit: fashion

One fringe benefit of living in Italy is the wonderful world of Italian fashion. I love plunging into glossy Italian magazines to see what lovely new styles Italian designers have come up with for each new season. It’s a girly thing.

Flicking through June’s Myself magazine (I know the title doesn’t exactly scream Italy but the content most certainly is Italian.)

I’m surprised at the vibrant colours of this summer.

I can’t see myself in too many fluorescent colours but I like the idea of using a more brighter palate and I think the come back of the 1970’s jump suit is a really cute look for the beach.


As for shoes, my other secret passion (together with bags and accessories) I’m loving the platform and ultra flat sandal looks, two of my favourites for every summer.


(source Myself magazine no 7 giugno 2012)