Sicilian details: People

Sometimes I’ll see a situation or group of random people that will speak to me. It’s a different detail that draws me towards a slice of life I want to take with me.

I took a photo at Palermo’s Teatro Massimo, making me melt as I immediately envisaged an entire scenario.

It was a hot summer afternoon, the sun was beginning to wane, and the golden moment was upon me. I dashed around the theatre to make the most of the beautiful light, and I ended up on the side of the theatre where there was a little shade.

The first time I saw the building, I jumped out of my skin. It was like seeing an old friend out of the blue, I recognised it, and a part of me felt connected to it.

The theatre was teeming with people, so I didn’t feel like going inside even though the Teatro Massimo is my favourite place to visit Palermo.

The first time I saw it, I jumped out of my skin. It was like seeing an old friend out of the blue, I recognised it, and a part of me felt connected to it.

I’ve always loved theatres. I used to always be around theatre people, singers and musicians mostly. I was a big opera nerd and would drag my friends to the opera.

I had a great group of willing friends who would come with me to see everything from Shakespeare to experimental dance. Anyone who would want to grab a coffee would have to meet me at my beloved His Majesty’s Theatre in Perth, W.A., at the theatre’s cafe. I even had my wedding photos in and around this historical building

So I decided to take a walk around the exterior of the Teatro to soak in its marvellous architecture and romantic atmosphere.

I skimmed my hand along the golden stone exterior. I love this kind of stone that is so common in the palazzi around Palermo; it is so elegant, ancient and robust.

As I was walking around, I noticed this little outdoor garden cafe housed in a side wing of the opera house.

There was a little group of middle-aged and elderly friends being waited upon by the cutest waiter, complete with a white shirt, tight black pants, and man bun.

I suddenly wished I could sit there at that table with my friends on a lazy Sunday afternoon and sip iced coffee under the shade of the Teatro Massimo. It was a nostalgic wanderlust moment.

It also made me feel sad. I missed my friends. It made me remember how our friendship group often would go to the theatre together and out for a late-night dinner or afternoon matinee coffee. I wish I had a group of friends to meet for coffee at the Teatro. It is but a daydream to have them all sitting around like these people on a sunny Sunday summer afternoon. 

This image is the postcard I choose to keep at the forefront of my mind whenever I think about Palermo.