Italian Song Challeng Day 24: J-AX & Fedez

Officially J-ax and Fedez were not a band, the two irreverent rappers were collaborators over several albums.

They both have a gift for fast-paced, acidic, funny lyrics and parody. Together they have created many immensely popular Italian pop songs over the last few years.

It’s sad to see that they will no longer be collaborating together after an apparent falling out over artistic differences.

They both have successful solo careers. J-ax (Alessandro Aleotti) starting out as the lead singer of hip hop political protest band Articolo 31 in the 1990s. He’s experimented with genres like reggae, rock and is a master of fast-paced Italian rap and is a great ad-lib rapper or spitter.

J-ax has collaborated with many Italian artists including Neffa, Paola Turci, Nek and Ermal Meta. He is also is an outspoken pro drug activist and from 2014 has become a popular judge on the Italian edition of X factor.

Italian rapper Fedez (Federico Leonardo Lucia) became known after winning an edition of the Italian talent show Amici di Maria di Filippi in 2014.

Since then he has gone onto to become a famous contemporary rap artist collaborating with many other Italian pop artists like Noemi, Stash and Francesca Michellin.

Fedez also has a successful career as an influencer, model and songwriter. Fedez is married to entrepreneur, model, fashion blogger and designer Chiara Ferragni together with their toddler son Leonardo boast 30.5 million followers on Instagram.

During the Covid19 lockdown, Fedez and Ferrragni (known collectively as the Ferragnez) used their social media following to raise over three million dollars in 24 hours. The money was used to build an emergency COVID hospital wing for the San Raffaele hospital in Milan.

In their collaboration J-ax and Fedez wrote much fun, catchy pop and rap inspired songs. The two filled each of their songs with clever lyrics that poked fun at contemporary Italian culture.

They were always fresh, ironic and absolutely hilarious. They wrote songs that people would immediately latch onto without realising they were actually quite critical of Italy and Italians.

Vorrei ma non posto is a play on words. Vorrei ma non posso is, I want to but I can’t. Yet the word posto is an Italianised version of the English phrase post as in to post something on social media.

The whole song makes fun of the worldwide popularity of social media. The lyrics literally say its more important to share things rather than live them.

Other immensely popular hits from the duo include Senza pagare (without paying) about freeloading celebrities who expect to get everything for free.

The video included a collaboration with Italian comic duo Pio and Amedeo. Their comedy style is based around their series Emmigratis where they play stereotypical ugly Italian tourists with cringe-worthy hilarity.

Images c/o Instagram