Italian Song challenge Day 23: Ermal Meta

Ermal Meta is a fascinating artist originally from Albania he literally fled civil war as a child, arriving in Italy on a boat.

His work reflects the point of view of migrants to Italy, the oppressed and marginalised. His songs, far from being harsh or dark, are filled with hope and joy.

After becoming a songwriter for several Italian artists, he launched his solo career releasing two albums Umano (Human) in 2016 and Vietato Morire (Forbidden to Die) in 2017.

Meta performed the song Vietato Morire (Forbidden to Die) in the Sanremo Festival coming third in the main competition with it in 2017.

The song is dedicated to the victims of domestic violence. Yet, despite the weight of his subject, he can stand up, sing in the name of their cause, open up hearts and minds to leave us something beautiful. A message that moves us from despair to hope.

In 2018 Meta won the Sanremo Fest with Non mi avete fatto niente (You haven’t done anything to me). The song is a duet sung with Fabrizio Moro.

Meta’s strength as a performer comes from the way he tirelessly writes compelling songs about important issues with creativity and insightfulness.

Images c/o Instagram