Italian Song challenge Day 18: Umberto Tozzi

Umberto Tozzi is probably one of the most well known Italian pop and rock singers and composers of all time.

Many of his songs have been translated into English and performed by other international performers. His most famous song has to be Gloria which was translated into English. It became a significant hit for English singer Elkie Brooks in 1980, and a cover by American singer Laura Branigan was also trendy in 1982.

Tozzi was born in Turin and began playing in bands at the age of 16 touring around Northern Italy with rock and big groups. He also developed a songwriting career co-writing with other musicians and writing his own songs.

Throughout his career, he has sold over 70 million records internationally. His most significant international hits include Claridad, Gloria, Tu (You) and Ti amo (I love you).

Ti amo was released in 1977 and quickly became the ultimate classic Italian pop-rock love ballad, intense and passionate an all-time favourite anthem for those eternally and intensely in love with love. It became a hit throughout Europe, America and Australia.

After taking a break from music in the mid-eighties. Tozzi returned in 1987 to win the Sanremo Festival with the song Si puo dare di piu (more can be given) which he sang with Gianni Morandi and Enrico Ruggeri.

Tozzi has never stopped recording, touring and collaborating with other artists. His songs remain a well-loved part of the Italian pop songbook, and he is one of the most loved artists of recent times.

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