Italian Song Challenge Day 17: Al Bano Carrisi & Romina Power

Al Bano and Romina were the most famous act in Italy in the 1980s and early 1990s.

The duo formed in 1975 by the then they were already a married couple and they became highly successful in Italy and mainland Europe.

Al Bano was dark-haired, handsome with an operatic voice. At the same time, Romina was the enchanting beautiful daughter of Hollywood actor Tyrone Powers. They were a dream couple who embodied all that was romantic in Italian music.

The husband and wife were immensely popular with their blend of easy listening and romantic singalong style.

Their best-known hits include Ci sara (There will be), Sharazan, Sempre sempre (Always always), Nostalgia and Liberta (Freedom).

The duo recorded their songs in Italian but also have released a significant number of records in Spanish and French and have participated and won the Sanremo Festival several times.

Between 1967 and 1984 the couple stared in seven films based on their own songs.

Felicita’ (Happiness) is one of their most famous songs, an anthem dedicated to the simple joys in life.

In 1999 they divorced after the mysterious disappearance of their daughter Ylenia Carrisi and famously didn’t speak for many years.

But they later made peace and reunited professionally in 2013 and still occasionally perform together.

Al Bano has an immensely successful solo career. He is considered to be one of the most internationally famous Italian artists of all time.

Images c/o Instagram