Italian Song Challenge Day 15: Nek

This song was originally written by Italian writer and television personality Maurizio Costanzo for the 1960’s legend Mina.

It became one of Mina’s most popular songs and was a real showcase for her immensely powerful voice.

This cover by Nek flips the story of the song into a different perspective.

Se telefondando (If calling you) sung by Mina tells of how a woman leaves her lover after a failed affair.

But sung by Nek, it gives us the point of view from the man, who expresses regret for ending the relationship, the intensity of the emotions felt and the true nature of passion.

Nek’s voice is very smooth and emotive and brings out many different nuances in the song. I think I like it better than the original version.

Filippo Neviani or Nek is popular in Italy and throughout the Spanish speaking world as he has performed and released most of his albums in both Italian and Spanish.

He first gained international success in 1997 when his song Laura non c’e in the Sanremo Festival went on to become a significant hit in Europe and Latin America.

Nek’s success was confirmed with the release of this fourth album in the same year, recorded in and Italian and Spanish it went onto sell a million copies.

During his career he has released thirteen albums and forty-eight singles including the hits Fatti Avanti Amore (Move forward love), Sei solo tu (You are only you), Almeno stavolta (At least this time), Lascia che io sia (Let me be), Instabile (Insatiable) and La voglia che non vorrei (The desire I don’t want). It has been reported that he has sold over ten million records.

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