Italian Song challenge Day 14: Biagio Antonacci

Biagio Antonacci first came to prominence when he participated in Sanremo in 1988 with the song Voglio Vivere in un attimo (I want to live in a moment).

In 1989 he signed to a major record label. He recorded his debut album Sono cose che capitano (Things that happen), which produced a hit with the song Fiore.

His second album Adagio Biagio was released two years later, with his two songs Danza sul mio petto (Dance on my chest) and Pero ti amo (However I love you) receiving airtime on the radio.

However, it was with his third album Liberatemi (Free me) that he finally obtained the recognition he deserved, selling 150,000 copies.

Throughout the decades Biagio Antonacci has established himself as one of the essential masters of the Italian love song.

His sound is very smooth with jazz-like elegance and tone. His voice is highly seductive and very romantic without being seedy or overtly sexual.

Any Antonacci song takes elements from folk, tango and classical Italian songs and gives them an eternally contemporary feel.

His songs never seem to go out of fashion because he is talking about universal themes like love, respect and passion.

Iris is probably one of his best love ballads, and will many any woman swoon.

It would be a perfect first dance for a bride and groom at a wedding as it is immensely romantic and beautiful.

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  1. Biagio’s voice is so silky smooth. I often fall asleep listening to his Convivendo CD❤️ Loving these music posts! Ciao, Cristina

    1. Thanks Cristina. Biagio Antonacci is a really romantic singer, makes me swoon. His songs are like poetry.😊

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