Italian Song Challenge Day 12: I Ricchi e Poveri

Now, to be honest, I wasn’t listening to Italian music in my preteen years, so I chose this classic Italian song that literally everyone grew up with in Italy.

I ricchi e poveri (The rich and the poor) were an Italian supergroup that everyone loved, their songs were immensely popular in Italy and all around the world. They were a group since the 1960’s and have sold over 20 million records.

Initially, they were loosely based on the Swedish supergroup ABBA. The two couples of I ricchi e poveri based their look and style on ABBA but then gave their music a very folky typically Italian twist.

I ricchi e poveri’s sense of harmony, catchy tunes and unforgettable lyrics make their songs easily loved.

If you put Sara perche ti amo (It would be because I love you) on literally, everyone will be singing along, guaranteed.

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