Italian Song challenge Day 11: Lucio Dalla

Lucio Dalla (1943-2012) was a legend of Italian song, he wrote many popular songs that are considered timeless classics in Italy.

His career was absolutely stellar, and he collaborated with many artists including Luciano Pavarotti and Julio Iglesias.
Dalla was a talented composer and musician who played several instruments including the clarinet, saxophone, piano and piano accordion.

Dalla’s style is based on Italian folk, jazz. It uses elements of poetry, storytelling and traditional sounds like the accordion and mandolin. Dalla was continually experimenting with his style, even releasing an album inspired by Italian opera.

Piazza Grande is very much a love song dedicated to Dalla’s hometown Bologna, where he began his career playing in a jazz band. Piazza Grande is the main square in the historical centre of the city. It is very much a magical place for Dalla a symbol of freedom and liberty.

In this song, Dalla casts off any materialistic needs for the joy a sleeping out under the stars in Piazza Grande.

Piazza Grande is beautiful idealistic song which reflects the Italian’s love of their country and their innate joy in small everyday things.

Images c/o Instagram