Guest post: Raising a bilingual child in Italy

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I have recently written a guest post for bilingual mamma blogger Kristie over on Mammaprada.

I enjoyed sharing my discoveries, frustrations and eventual success on the ongoing journey that is raising my son to speak English in Italy.

Be sure to pop over to Mammaprada to read my article and get some wonderful advice if you too would like your little ones to learn another language as there are plenty of resources to be found.

Giving your child a new language is such a wonderful gift.

Click on the image above for a link to the article.

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2 thoughts on “Guest post: Raising a bilingual child in Italy

  1. Rochelle, I am writing you from Cefal├╣ after reading your blog for the past year. Gracie mille for teaching me how to drink coffee, urging me to try foods I had never even considered (spleen and ricotta sandwich!), and being open to the wonderful experience and people of Sicily. Again, many thanks. Tom B.

    1. Thanks so much Tom, so great to hear from you. So happy you are embracing the new adventure which is Sicily, hope you are enjoying it all. Thanks for reading along! Cheers, Rochelle.

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