Bad mannered Italian’s

Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

It’s official Italian kids are the most bad mannered while overseas. Thanks to a recent report from ANSA Italy (on Italian children on vacation are the least civilised in Europe, according to a survey conducted in 500 European hotels.


According to the report the worst offenders were children from Milan and Rome followed by children from Naples, Turin, Bologna, Bari, Palermo and Calabria.


The Italian ankle-biters are infamous for being too loud and boisterous, wilful damage of hotel property and running in the corridors and dining rooms.


In my opinion this can easily be extended to the adults as well, who are usually oblivious to how irritating it can bee to hear Italian tourists speaking loudly amongst themselves on airplanes or in inappropriate places like churches and during chamber music concerts.


I’ve even heard Italians complain loudly about how bad the food is and how they desperately want a decent plate of pasta. All I can say is, if they wanted to have decent pasta well then they should have stayed in Italy!!


A person should always be on his best behaviour while visiting another country, it’s just plain rude to complain beforehand, first you experience something new, reflect and then decide whether you like it or not, don’t ever judge too soon.


Hey Italy ain’t perfect either!!