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Here’s this weeks email and my reply.


Hi Rochelle!

I loved your piece on Art is Sicily. Clearly you have adopted the ways of Sicily and I appreciated the depth in your coverage.

It read so much like a much needed discussion for anyone who wonders how much they could see…and how much they should see.

It is easy to overreach when so much is so available and it can make it all overwhelming.

My wife and I have been to Italy at least ten times and will be visiting Sicily for the first time in May.

We are considering the idea of buying property in Sicily. We actually have an appointment to see a few properties while there.

I am looking for anyone that can share a bit about finding someone that speaks English and is willing to advise on the subject? You went through that process in a different way, just wondering if you have any advice on where to start (I assume it will be with the bank first to see if we can get financed to any degree…than an agent…notary…reports…etc).

Again, loved your piece on art and will certainly use it as a guide while in Sicily.




Hello D.

Thanks for your email. So sorry I haven’t been able to get back to you, but this past month has been super busy for me.

I’m happy you enjoyed my piece on great artwork to see in Sicily; I loved writing about art here on the island; it is so rich.

Happy to hear you will be visiting Sicily this May; it’s a beautiful time of the year to visit, not too warm and still not too many tourists.

It’s great to hear you are considering buying a property here in Sicily; I’m sure many places will appeal to you. Luckily you can still find places at a reasonable price compared to other places in the world.

The only problem with buying here is the red tape; you will find many issues from delays with the banks, notaries, taxes and endless requirements that will try your patience.

I think you should take your time first, get a real sense of how life is in Sicily on this trip, and look around at those places you have found to go and take a look at.

You definitely will need someone to help you as very few real estate agents speak English. I don’t have any connections that can directly help you.

I have seen a few people online that might be able to give you more specific advice.

For example, on Instagram, a great consultant named Evelyn @collinemontange offers online consultations and guides through Italian bureaucracy. She would be a great person to ask.

Also, there are the Italian Property Partners who are based in Tuscany, but they have contacts throughout Italy, so they might be available for a call or an email:

Some excellent groups on Facebook are lovely fonts of information if you have any specific questions. I suggest you join Italian Reflections (a network of expats with reflections and shared experiences about life in Italy), Ultimate Italy (which is a group run by Damian O’Farrell who helps people relocate to Italy) and Expats Living in Sicily (who are all more than willing to enlighten you about living in Sicily and finding a home here).

I hope this gives you a few exciting leads to follow.

Well, these are some suggestions off the top of my head. 

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I hope this is helpful, and enjoy your trip.

Buon Viaggio

Regards from RDB

The posts about art mentioned by D. were a two-part article about what artwork to see while in Sicily that I wrote for Italy Magazine a few years ago.

Read them here if you are interested:

Artworks you don’t want to miss in Sicily part 1

Artworks you don’t want to miss in Sicily part 2


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